Created in 1996, the graduate program in Metrology (PósMQI) at that time was an answer of the University to an interministerial effort of the Federal Government in the context of the RH-Metrology Program, to stimulate the training of qualified and metrological culture human resources. In line with the essentially multidisciplinary nature of the Metrology, the Program benefits from the conjunction of laboratory skills and infrastructures existing in several departments and units of the Technical Scientific Center. It aims to specialize the training of engineers, physicists and chemists already well training, training them to work the interface of their specialties with the


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 The science, art, and technology of measurements. A strategic component of technological innovation.

The platinum-iridium bar used as a prototype of the metro from 1889 to 1960

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On-line cleaning technique for mitigation of biofouling in heat exchangers: A case study of a hydroelectric power plant in Brazil
M.N. Frota , E.M. Ticona , A.V. Neves, R.P. Marques, S.L. Braga , G. Valente
The Avogadro number is an integer multiple of the number ‘‘1’’
Paul De Bièvre

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